Bonjour mes amis! Just a little info about myself..

(This blog captures the simple moments in my life, and to share what style, health, decor – etc. means to me)

– I am currently learning to be fluent in French

– I strive to live a simple life, yet filled with adventures.

– I believe that being healthy and fit is essential in life

– I love to bake and create yummy foods

– I love to travel

-And last but most definitely not least, I love my pets.

Life = adventures. Don’t pass up opportunities, be bold and take chances.


SIDE NOTE -> If anyone browsing through my blog discovers that they like one of the yummy recipes I posted, you are more than welcome to ask for the recipe. Most of the things I post are vegan but yet they taste absolutely delicious! I am always trying to discover ways to make food healthy yet not lack taste. (I may not have all the recipes available)

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