Greetings, everyone! Bonjour!

This is going to be somewhat of a different post for me. I am a firm believer in stepping out of that comfort zone, that we build around ourselves. So it is time that I try and step out of my box (in the blogging world) and write something a little more personal.

I have always loved to write. That feeling of just you, a pen, and paper – accompanied by a mind full of thoughts, feelings, desires, and dreams. It is a way for individuals to fully express themselves. I have never been good at talking, however, expressing how I feel on paper? That has always been a breeze. I hope I am not coming across “vain,” I undoubtedly still have a lot to learn.

I’ve had this blog for awhile now,  and I have greatly enjoyed sharing my life experiences with you all. And I hope to continue on.

After years of not concentrating on writing, I have decided to fully embrace it – and see where it leads me. I hope that all of you (my readers) can bare with me through this journey I have begun.

My mind is constantly full of thoughts – so I shall have lots to share in future posts. And I will most definitely have more recipes to share as I continue on with this blog.

Have yourself a fabulous and fun day!

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