Drink it up!

Time to drink up that water! I have discussed the importance of drinking water with many individuals (Doctors, Nutritionists, family members and just friends). I don’t think people realize how important it is and how vital it is when we deny our bodies the wonderful results that it can bring. It is a challenge – I know. However, it is very beneficial. I am a health person, exercise and eating right is always on my mind and I continually like to learn new health tips. One top thing I struggle with is consuming enough water. When I do drink enough I do see benefits, and I want to encourage you all to give it a go, and, drink up that water! Carry a water bottle around with you or instead of grabbing juice or soda replace it with some refreshing water!
Note: My dog Harvey is even trying to become a bit more healthy, he is drinking up that water! 😉



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